What is RESTORE More?

The bedrock of  RESTORE More is education. Women do not have control over having a diagnosis of breast cancer, but they can choose how they prefer to respond to that diagnosis and treatment. Our belief is that with knowledge, breast cancer patients become empowered to make better health treatment decisions; especially in geographically challenged areas with limited access and resources for providing healthcare needs.

Restore More offers an opportunity to provide women experiencing breast cancer in remote areas, access to up to date information helping them to make an informed treatment decision versus a fear based decision that many later regret. We assist in creating innovative solutions to remove barriers for women challenged with access to their desired choice for treatment.

Our vision is to empower women to make the most informed treatment decisions and to live a quality life without fear through mindful living.

About the Founder

An American surgeon working in Gladstone (regional Australia) for over 4 years, Dr. Dauway recognized a lack of resources for regional breast cancer patients.  As a specialist in surgical oncology, she grew concerned about challenges women encountered in accessing breast reconstruction, despite offering it in her private practice.  Upon further investigation, she realized that despite the benefits of a public system, there are still limitations and barriers for breast cancer patients to overcome.  Her desire to bridge the information gap for women, prompted her to find a way to inform more women of their option for breast reconstruction through covered health funds and Medicare.

Dr. Dauway has learned that the patient’s journey does not end when treatment is completed. In fact, she follows her patients for 5 years from the time of diagnosis. She has found that many of her patients live with anxiety and fear of a recurrence of breast cancer.  As a certified yoga teacher and a mindfulness coach, she began to integrate mindfulness-based practice with her patients.  She believes, “why remove a cancer and then allow the patient to continue in the same conditions and mindset that made them ill”.  Her view is that surgery is part of the work and mindfulness helps patients move forward, live fully without fear.

Our Mission

RESTORE More aims to raise awareness of current breast cancer treatment options through education. We believe in empowering women to make an informed treatment decision, resulting in increased breast preservation, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy, especially for women in regionally disadvantaged areas.

Breast Reconstruction Stats

Australia has one of the lowest breast reconstruction rates of the westernized countries.  Nationally, rate of breast reconstruction is estimated to be approximately 8-12%.  This means that only one of ten women that have a mastectomy, will opt to have breast reconstruction compared to three of ten in the UK and five of ten in the USA. Moreover, Roder published data that demonstrated that surgeons who see fewer breast cancer cases in their practice are more likely to perform mastectomies. Women in rural/remote areas are also more likely to have mastectomies and may not be offered breast reconstruction as part of their treatment.

In Australia, Queensland state has the lowest breast reconstruction rates with regional women lacking access to these invaluable resources. Currently, patients may wait 3-5 years on the waiting lists in the public hospitals.  There are ongoing efforts in the public system to resolve the demands for breast reconstruction.

Meaningful Partnerships


RESTORE More encourages and seeks to partner with other like minded organizations, in addition to those within the surgical and oncology community for providing breast reconstruction at affordable rates, to give back to those in need and share a skill that they love.

To learn more about partnering please contact us.